Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons specializing in shoulder surgery, knee surgery and general orthopedics.

Franklin E. Mirrer, M.D.

Dr. Franklin E. Mirrer is fellowship trained in sports medicine and is the team orthopedic surgeon for the Providence College Men's Basketball Team. His surgical specialties include shoulder arthroscopy, labral tear repair, rotator cuff repair and arthroscopic approaches to all shoulder injuries. He performs knee arthroscopy for meniscus and cartilage injuries and specializes in ACL surgery using the state of the art all-inside ACL reconstruction technique.

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Dr. William F. Garrahan

Dr. William F. Garrahan is a general orthopaedist who frequently treats patients with low back pain non-operatively.

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Cutting-edge Surgery

Dr. Mirrer has been an innovative surgeon in arthroscopic procedures for reconstruction and repair of shoulder and knee injuries. He was the first Orthopedic surgeon at Kent Hospital to perform an all-arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. He was also the first to perform all arthroscopic repairs of complex shoulder capsule and labral tears.

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